Monday, May 9, 2011

Eye Candy: Chris Hemsworth

Yesterday Ben & I went and saw Thor.

It was surprisingly very entertaining. It was a little special-effects heavy, which I think cheapened it and was a little cheesy. But the movie was actually hilarious- we laughed out loud on several occasions!

Let's be honest though- the real reason why this movie was awesome is
because of the hero: Chris Hemsworth. Uhm... hello? Is he not the most gorgeous man ever?!

I read his article in this month's Men's Health and he said he got so big he outgrew his costume. Is it even possible for a guy to get bigger than that? He is MASSIVE. And I'm not even a muscle-loving kind of girl. One look at these pictures and you'll understand.

Seriously ladies, let your men take you to see Thor. You won't be sorry.


  1. You won't be sorry but your guy will! Really nice to look at then you get home and uh oh! Tee hee I guess it's the same with A. Jolie eh? He can chop my wood anytime! Did I say that? I'm so naughty!