Friday, May 13, 2011

Dammit. (Explicit. What can I say? I'm pissed.)

Worst Esthetician Award EVER goes to:
Well, actually probably that woman who's Botoxing her 8 year old.

But second, most definitely is: ME!!

Though my camera phone is doing no justice to the lovely shade of RED that surrounds my awesome tan lines, do not be fooled. I do not tan. That is a cranberry-colored wound on my back form where I allowed myself to be sun-raped.

Don't even worry that an hour and a half before this picture was taken I was giving Ben a hard time about not putting sunscreen on his face. "My nose isn't gonna get burned because I have SPF!" That's what I get for being an asshole I guess.

In case you were wondering, Ben also took a heavy beating but already today his has begun to fade into a nice shade of Mexican.


  1. Oh Girl tell me where you got that sun?? UGH everytime the day is nice i'm working, and then it starts to rain by the time I get off. LAME. Sunburn's do suck though.

  2. That's ALWAYS how it goes, I swear! I snuck in a hike before work on a Thursday in the foothills behind my house. It was awesome!

  3. I am loving that you wrote a "nice shade of Mexican".
    Made me proud to be brown. :)