Tuesday, May 17, 2011


4 is a poem I wrote a few years ago and it seemed rather appropriate for the rainy day. Enjoy!

ode to a beautiful sadness, filled up
simply with rain water. oh, that i were
the pavement runoff, so feeling of everything
yet lacking vitals. pain & breaking experienced.
oh ode to the beautiful rain, the cold so
milky on our little toes, just a price to pay to feel.
nothing but a midnight hour, your face still
charming after tire & my fatigued words.
what a headache. not beautiful like rain, i am
beautiful like the asphalt, a crooked grin
to see you smile. slightly damaged. how i must drag & wear,
wronged by example! no. hard rain wears, not
this gentle kind. this is simply a dull reminder,
ebbing at our throats & our feet that june gets
cold too. but rain will still kiss the asphalt
like a miracle.
the same miracle that keeps
you kissing me.


  1. I enjoyed reading this while "boy with a coin played in the background"... very nice tintin

  2. I always loved the way you write. So much gorgeous imagery. It feels so intimate. <3