Monday, July 25, 2011

explosions in the sky

last night i had the craziest dream.

i dreamed that i was standing outside of my house, looking up at the stars. they were bright and beautiful and they seemed to have tripled in number. suddenly two planes, flying parallel flew over head. they seemed too low for commercial jets and moving much too fast, like they were racing. one plane started to curve inward, toward the other, and then the engine exploded. it came roaring back down to earth and right into my neighbors house. there was fire everywhere, and i vaguely heard the windows of my own house burst out of their frames. i felt something hot and thick trickling down the side of my face, and i realized that my ears were bleeding.

then i woke up.

i swear i always have these scary, intense, apocalyptic, nightmarish type dreams. always.

tell me what you last dreamed about.

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