Monday, January 17, 2011

2010 in Review

My one new year's resolution last year? Make it the best year ever. Result? A complete success.

So, without further ado, my year in review:

January: Made a very wise decision to spend New Years with my dear friend Carissa. As a result, cooked breakfast for her and her hubby and his (very handsome) friend Ben, and the rest is history! Later that month we ventured down to their condo in St George and had a blast hot-tubbing, lazer-tagging, go-kart riding, and relaxing.

February: Had a great Valentine's Day despite the fact that it was, well, Valentine's Day. I quit working at the school one day a week and bumped up my schedule at the Spa to 6 days a week. Whew! Welcome to adulthood (aka not having a life).

March/April/May: Hooray for Spring! The blossoms were out in full, we celebrated Ben's birthday in April, and took an amazingly fun trip to Moab with Kelly & Gary in May. We camped, ate at the delicious Moab Brewery, hiked to the waterfall, swam in the pools below, saw Indian petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, and beautiful red-rock landscapes.

June: One of my favorite months this year- we had a great trip to Yuba Lake to soak up some sun and play in the water, followed by a fun road trip to Lake Tahoe to stay in my uncle's cabin. We played cards, jumped off the dock in the backyard, kayaked, hiked, went out in the boat, listened to music, and hung out with my fabulous cousin Becky & her boyfriend George. My mom even came out from San Fran and we got to see her and her adorable puppy Phoebe. It was not fun having to come home from that!

July/August/September: Ben began his internship at BluFire Studios over the summer learning Adobe Photoshop and Aftereffects. I celebrated my birthday in August surrounded by some wonderful friends! We were sad to see the good weather go.

October/November/December: We celebrated the holiday season in style. We dressed up as pirates for Halloween in October, spent an amazing Thanksgiving up at Snowbird Ski Resort at their annual buffet (Kobe beef, halibut, salmon, sushi, and of course chocolate decadence cake), and Christmas was one of the best yet. Ben got me the couch I wanted from Ikea and I had my first mistletoe kiss. Yay!

All in all, it's been a fabulous year. I had an amazing relationship with a great guy and I swear to you all it just gets better and better every day. I got to know and love his family a lot and see a lot of good changes for my own. This new year my resolution is the same- make it the best year yet. And so far? So good.

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  1. You definitely had a great year! Pretty jealous of your Tahoe trip...Hopefully I get invited out there one of these days! I've heard the lake-front cabin is pretty awesome! :)